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086 là mạng gì? Ý nghĩa của đầu số 086 và cách đặt mua Online

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Each network operator in Vietnam will be licensed with different numbers, each of which has a separate meaning. Especially recently, 08x numbers are appearing more and more, typically 086, this SIM can be considered a pretty number and is increasingly sought after by phone users. So do you know what network 086 is? Find out now!

1. What network is the prefix 086?

If you do not know what the number 086 is, it belongs to Viettel network. This number is licensed for use since March 2016 in addition to the familiar numbers that have appeared before. Up to the present time, this is still the number that many users love and use.

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2. What is the old number of 086?

In addition to the question of what network 086 is, many people wonder what the old number used to be. Many people are still mistakenly thinking that 086 is the first number converted from 11 numbers to 10 numbers similar to the beginnings: 0167 → 037, 0163 → 033,… However, this is incorrect. 086 is a completely new number and has never been on the market before. It is provided by the Ministry of Information and Communications, allowing Viettel to use it.

In addition to the new number 086 that Viettel is licensed to use, other new numbers such as 088, 089 are also licensed for Vinaphone and Mobifone, respectively.

086 is a 10-digit SIM card of Viettel network

3. The meaning of number 086 according to feng shui

Not only is the first 10 rare numbers because this is a completely new 10-digit 08x code, 086 is also sought after by users because of the feng shui meaning that this series of numbers brings to its owner. Number 086 is a pair of fortune numbers that are very popular with business people because of the meaning of luck and abundant money. The beginning of the number 086 is said to be the beginning of the number of fortune and prosperity because the reading of this sequence comes from the Chinese reading of 8 and 6:

  • Number 8: Read is a bowl, pronounced like “Phat”
  • Number 6: Read as Luc, pronounced similar to “Luc”

086 is the meaning of comparison 086 ways to buy online didongviet 2Number 086 means fortune

A special feature is that this number, even if it is reversed, 086 or 68, has a meaning Loc Phat – Phat Loc, different from other series of numbers, for example, the sequence 078 if reversed to 087 has become a meaning – function A completely different idea is not good for the owner. Therefore, this is a rare and sought-after number since Viettel announced the sale of this number.

According to the other five elements theory, the number 8 has the five elements of the Earth system, and the number 6 has the five elements of the Kim system. In the five elements, these are two mutual systems: Earth gives birth to Metal, which implies that earth produces metal. Metals are rare elements that take hundreds of years to form, without earth there will be no metal, this mutual relationship means very well to the owner of the number 086.

086 is the meaning of the comparison 086 ways to buy online didongviet 3The number 086 is easy to combine with many numbers to produce a meaningful series of numbers

When combined with other numbers, the first number 086 promotes its feng shui fortune and luck:

  • 086: Full fortune, round 0 symbolizes fullness and fullness.
  • 0861: Prosperity, prosperity.
  • 0862: Forever prosperous, never-ending fortune.
  • 0863: Fortune and fortune.
  • 0864: Four seasons of prosperity.
  • 0865: Fortune proliferates continuously.
  • 0868: Fortune carries the island.
  • 0867: Gods support, abundant talent.
  • 0868: Great fortune
  • 0869: Fortune School.

The number 086 is negative, so according to feng shui, this is the number that attracts money and material to its owner.

Whether owning the number 086 or not does not determine the success of the user, but with the meaning of fortune, being a beautiful series of numbers, the beginning of 086 also partly makes its owner more confident, happy and happy. more comfortable in everyday life. Beautiful numbers also help you make a better impression on your partner when this is a neat, beautiful, and easy-to-remember 10-digit sequence.

4. Material value of SIM card number 086

After analyzing the problems about what network 086 is, I also found that this number is very valuable in terms of feng shui. Not stopping there, 086 contains all even numbers, so it is easy to remember, easy to read and help make a longer impression on others such as friends, partners, etc.

What network is 086?SIM phone of Viettel network operator

Moreover, these are some of Viettel’s network operators – currently the network is supported and used by the largest number of customers in Vietnam. Therefore, users will not need to worry about coverage and can use it wherever you are. In addition, you will also enjoy attractive promotions regularly. So what are you waiting for without buying SIM number 086 to use now!

5. How to order 086 number online at home

Currently, to make it more convenient for users, there are many services to buy SIM 086 at home that are provided to users. There are many ways for users to choose to buy SIM 086 simply with a search command on the Google tool.

However, to ensure safety and security, the article will guide you to buy SIM 086 via Viettel’s homepage to ensure more peace of mind about the quality as well as subscriber information that is difficult to be faked, avoiding the situation of being faked. “robber” SIM because the seller intentionally registers fake and fake subscriber information – Viettel homepage also sells SIM number 086 at a cheaper price and is not overpriced – and comes with commitment levels if you choose postpaid roaming.

Step 1: Users need to access the official website of Viettel’s SIM card: https://vietteltelecom.vn/di-dong/sim-so.

086 is the meaning of comparison 086 ways to buy online didongviet 4

Step 2: In the section to buy a digital SIM, you need to select “Prepaid” or “Postpaid” depending on the type of subscription you want to join the new network. According to the suggested article, if you choose the “Postpaid” category, the rate of getting the best number 086 will be much higher than the prepaid roaming form and most of the prices of these SIMs when roaming. Only range from 60,000 VND, which is very reasonable compared to the income of the majority of consumers who want to own a beautiful digital SIM.

086 is the meaning of the comparison 086 ways to buy online didongviet 5

Step 3: To find the right number 086, you need to type in the following syntax in the search bar: 086* . Note that there must be an * at the end of the 086 number, the system will detect for you all the numbers that contain the 086 code at the beginning. If you want to search for numbers ending in 086, you can type *086 with an asterisk that will be any sequence of numbers before the 086 ending.

If you want to search for a number that has both the beginning of 086 and the ending of 086, you can type as follows: 086*086. If you want to find the SIM with the beginning number 086 with the ending date of birth, you can type the following: for example, if you have a date of birth of January 4, then type 086*0401 and you will get the corresponding number of the ending date of birth, you will quickly own Owners of SIM code 086 agree quickly with the above commands.

086 is the meaning of the comparison 086 ways to buy online didongviet 6

Step 4: You select the “Buy” button to quickly go to the next step of choosing the next roaming package. Viettel offers users to choose to buy the 086 number with very reasonable networking options from 100,000 VND a month to the maximum 2 million VND a month, corresponding to many promotions such as free 4G, 3G, etc. free voice charges, ringtones and many other attractive services.

086 is the meaning of the comparison 086 ways to buy online didongviet 7

Step 5: After the steps to select the roaming package, you need to click the “Continue” button to fill in the personal information of the buyer of SIM 086. You need to provide the operator with the full name and phone number. used for contact, identification number, identification.

You have complete peace of mind because this information will be kept confidential by major carriers – no fear of external leaks like when you buy SIM 086 outside the floating store. The Ministry of Information and Communications is becoming more and more strict with the purchase and sale of SIM cards, the solution to buy “official” Viettel is the safest. You can choose to receive the SIM at home or pick it up at the store for convenience.

086 is the meaning of the comparison 086 ways to buy online didongviet 8

6. Answer some questions about the number 086

6.1. 086 is the area code where?

086 is not an area code but a 10-digit SIM card of Viettel network licensed by the Ministry of Information and Communications. The international code of this number when making calls from abroad will be +8486 with the +84 factor replacing the number 0. You don’t need to worry about this and you don’t need to add +84 to the beginning of your number. when making calls within the territory of Vietnam.

6.2. Is the prefix 086 the area code for HCMC?

The number 086 is the network code of Viettel network operator and can be used everywhere in Vietnam, not only in Ho Chi Minh City. Viettel also supports you to use the number 086 abroad if you have registered for Roaming service to redirect when working or working in other countries.

086 is the meaning of the comparison 086 ways to buy online didongviet 9

6.3. 086 is the country code?

The code 086 is the same as the area code and prefix of the city of Sarawak (Bintulu, Belaga) in Malaysia, but you do not need to worry because according to the international identifier code, the phone number 086 in Sarawak city will have the format is +6086 – different from the +8486 format of the Vietnam area code, so your prefix will not overlap with any other country phone numbers.

6.4. The number 086 in combination with the tail number will be beautiful?

As a flexible number with a good meaning, the number 086 is very easy to combine with many different endings such as:

  • 086xxx86: Loc Phat Continuity
  • 086xx: Phat Loc Mai
  • 08666: Dai Phat Dai Loc
  • 0867: Dai Phat Binh An

The occasion of the New Year 2022 is also approaching, a SIM that has the meaning of abundance, fortune and is easy to combine with many different number endings, then 086 is the best candidate for you to choose to buy.

SIM 086 is also extremely suitable for people with earth years of life such as 1961, 1968, 1969, 1976, 19767, 1991, 1998, 1999, etc., The lucky value of the number 086 will double if you belong to it. years of birth above.

6.5. 086 is Viettel’s 10-digit subscriber number?

Yes – 086 is the number of Viettel’s military telecommunications network under the number 08x licensed to Viettel by the Ministry of Information and Communications in 2016.

086 is the meaning of the comparison 086 ways to buy online didongviet 10 086 is the number of Viettel’s military telecommunications network under the number 08x licensed by the Ministry of Information and Communications to Viettel in 2016.

7. Should I buy Viettel’s 086 number?

Yes – this is a rare number because it is both easy to remember and has a meaning of fortune, Viettel does not charge a price but sells the first 086 SIMs at an affordable price with reasonable commitment terms.

8. Summary

Hope article 086 is what network? The meaning of the number 086 and how to order online will help you better understand the number 086 and choose the SIM you like.

Don’t forget to continuously follow the Dchannel page of Viet Mobile system to be able to update information about the latest technology in the market today. Thank you everyone for reading my post. And most importantly, remember “BUY PHONE TO VIETNAM MOBILE” to experience the best shopping service!

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