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2 bài văn mẫu Phân tích Vai trò của người hiền tài đối với đất nước qua bài Chiếu cầu hiền hay nhất – Ngữ văn lớp 11

Topic: Through the lesson on the sage of Ngo Thi Nham, please clearly state the role of a talented person in the development of the country.


– Leading the issue: Vietnam is a country with a low level of economic development compared to many countries in the world

– If there is a problem: So in the present and in the future, it is very necessary for talented people to make the country more and more developed. The role of the sage is extremely important


1. Explanation

Talented: A talented and virtuous servant in all areas of life. Are capable people who can contribute to the country

Talents are precious seeds that bring the country on par with the great powers of the five continents

2. Why are talented people so important to the country?

Talented people are really capable and talented people who can use their abilities to contribute to the common cause of the country.

– Without talented people, the country will be poor and backward

Talented people dedicate their energies and virtues to the country in all aspects of life, helping the country develop in all fields, bringing the country to the top in all aspects.


3. Talents contribute to the country

– In the history of the nation:

+ Tran Quoc Tuan with his talent led the people to defeat the Mongol army three times

+ Scientist Luong Dinh Cua spent a lot of time and effort to breed rice varieties that bring high productivity to the agricultural industry.

– At present:

+ Mathematician Ngo Bao Chau received the Mathematical Prize to bring Vietnam proud to world friends

+ Besides, in some other fields such as sports, we can’t help but mention that the U23 Vietnam team won the silver medal at the U23 championship.

4. How to have many talents for the country?

– First of all, each person needs to study hard to become a genius

– Everyone needs to be aware of their responsibility to dedicate their lives to the country

– The state needs to have a policy to recruit talented people to have more talents

– Contact yourself: As a student, you need to study hard and try to become a genius to develop the country


– Reaffirming the problem: Each nation, if it wants to develop firmly, needs talented people

– Message: Let’s constantly try to take the development of the country as a goal to strive to become a genius

Ngo Thi Nham is a talented person with a visionary eye, trusted by Nguyen Hue to draft important official documents and papers. The sage request is one such text. The work has shown the important role of talented people in the development of the country.

Chieu Cau sage was born in the situation that the Thanh army invaded our country, Nguyen Hue took the throne and took the reign of Quang Trung to crush the invaders. At the beginning, there were many difficulties in building the country, and there was a lack of talented people. Quang Trung assigned Ngo Thi Nham to draft this document calling for talented people to help the country.

At the beginning of the slide show Confucius’s teachings and the sage’s responsibility to the country: “A sage who appears in the world is like a bright star in the sky. The bright star will return to the North Than throne, the sage will be the messenger for the Son of Heaven.” The author’s argument is very strict, on the one hand, he both upholds the role of scholars and awakens their sense of responsibility for the country. To emphasize further, the following sentence Ngo Thi Nham once again affirms: “If you hide the light, hide your beauty, and have talent but cannot be used by life, it is not God’s will to give birth to a talented person. “. Thus, with this argument, Ngo Thi Nham initially hit the minds of talented people.

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After stating the responsibility of the talented people, he pointed out the real state of their attitude towards the Tay Son dynasty. He proved to be someone who understood the behavior of the ancients: when life was favorable, he went to work, when life was in decline, he went back to hiding to preserve his reputation. He sympathized with such grapevines. But on the other hand, he pointed out: there were people who went to work for the new court but were “reticent to speak up” or worked very moderately, without enthusiasm. With the expression of images, taken from the Confucian classics, on the one hand, it shows the erudition of the author, on the other hand, makes the Bac Ha scholars respect and have to review their own attitude to the dynasty. new. Next, he expressed the sincere and earnest wishes of the king: “I am hating the mat to listen, day and night looking forward to the talented and talented people who have not yet seen anyone come. Or do I have little virtue not worthy of support? Or are you in ruins, unable to serve the prince?” The words hit the mind of the scholar Bac Ha, making them think.

Then, the author stated the urgent need for talented people of the new dynasty: the work of the government was still busy, because this was a new dynasty. The king was also aware that, with many jobs, one person could not solve them all, and needed talented people to help build the country: “One pillar cannot support a big building, one scheming one If a person cannot establish karma to rule the peace, there must be a loyal and faithful person in every ten-house hamlet. The words are extremely sincere, showing the king’s kindness to the talented people. Not only that, but those words were also very humble and earnest, which awakened the conscience of talented people, making them unable to help but cooperate with the new dynasty.

Quang Trung’s way of calling for talented people is very open, anyone with talent can introduce, recommend, recommend themselves, etc. to serve the country. At the end of the slide show, he once again showed sympathy and tolerance for the non-cooperation with the former Bac Ha scholars and raised a call, promise and encouragement for them.

Through Ngo Thi Nham’s document, the reader is more aware of the role of a talented person in the construction of the country. Talented people are indeed the principle of the country as Than Nhan Trung once said. The country is an extremely cumbersome machine, it is not possible to have only one person to manage and take care of it, but it needs the help of many good downloaders. Only then can the country run smoothly. When there are many talented people, giving their best to the land, then the country will prosper, in contrast to the troubled dynasty, because there are no talented people to help, the country will inevitably decline and lead to death. In order to get talented people to help, it is also necessary to have appropriate and appropriate policies to attract talents and create favorable conditions for them to bring their talents to serve the country. Then a bright king will be extremely important. Only when fully combining the two elements of the king, the light and the gentleness, will the country develop and flourish. The sage is an exemplary essay, with a rigorous logic that shows the great role of talented people in the development of the country. In the present time, our country is entering the period of industrialization and modernization, the factor of talented people plays an even more important role than ever.

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If in China there is a Cao De with a bridge of sage, then Vietnam also has a “Chief of a sage” under the reign of King Quang Trung, written by Ngo Thi Nham at the king’s command. Thereby, we can see the important role of the talented person in the national destiny of any country. In the development of the country today, that role is further enhanced by “Talent is the national resource”.

What kind of people are sages? According to Confucius’ concept, it is also the opinion of Ngo Thi Nham “Sage people appear in the world like a bright star in the sky”, according to which they are the elite of heaven and earth, converging full of talents and virtues, people who have just Have wisdom in your head and morality in your heart. According to Ho Chi Minh’s concept: “Having talent without virtue is useless; having virtue without talent is difficult to do anything”. The most important thing is the human mind because “The other heart is equal to the three words of talent”.

In our nation’s history, there have been many talented examples that brightened up moral values ​​and contributed to the country’s destiny. It is Ly Thuong Kiet, Tran Quoc Tuan, Nguyen Trai, Nguyen Binh Khiem…or in modern times, there is President Ho Chi Minh_the nation’s old father, “The man who has no children but has millions of children” along with many famous generals outstanding people like Vo Nguyen Giap_ Great people, talented and virtuous, ready to sacrifice themselves for the sake of the nation. Imagine if there were no such people, what would this S-shaped strip of land look like, is the spirit of the country still or gone?

Thus, we can see that the role of the sage is extremely important. They have made great contributions to the nation in any era. During the war to protect the country, talented people were good generals like Quang Trung “Phu Le destroy Trinh” and defeated the invading Qing army, unifying the mountains and rivers into one term. With the development of the country in peacetime, talented people have made contributions to civilization and progress in many fields: Politically, they are Party cadres and Party members who wholeheartedly serve the people, they are warriors. soldiers at the border guarding the country’s borders. In terms of science, there are talented mathematicians like Professor Ngo Bao Chau who bring the country’s mathematics development to a new level, talented engineers and doctors with a passion for the profession or excellent teachers trained by the people. The country’s young generation and then agronomist Luong Dinh are concerned about research and improvement of new high-yielding rice varieties… Although each person is talented in a specialty, they have brought the country up and developed strongly. If the country wants to develop, “One pillar cannot support a big house, one person’s stratagems cannot build karma to rule the peace” but it needs hundreds of families and thousands of people to have the same sense and responsibility for Vietnam to progress more and more. further on the path of international integration. “Talent is the national resource. If the qi is prosperous, then the water will be strong and then go up; if the qi is weak, then the water will be weak and then low. The wise man holds the nation’s destiny in his hands.

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A few natural talents like Bill Gate, talented people do not come naturally. In order to get talented people to contribute talents to the country, besides the sage advice, it is necessary to have a policy and conditions “Training talents, fostering human resources”. Japan is a country that always focuses on investing in people, they set the slogan “Education 80 years in life”, they consider “Talent is universal money”. Vietnam too, learning the advanced civilization of foreign countries, besides taking care of political life and economic development, education is an industry that is always interested and invested by the public because “Education is the national policy of Vietnam”. leading”, the key to the future of the country. In order to have talented people, the state must have a policy to attract talents, have a good training and training environment so that they have the opportunity to develop themselves and contribute to the country.

However, today’s market economy, besides positive effects, also has negative effects. Talent is not too rare, but many talented people have been battered by the forces and society that money gradually dominates, blatantly robbing them of their learning and development opportunities just because they are not children of their fathers and grandchildren. Because there is no money, that is evidenced by the inadequacies in the national high school exam in 2018 with cheating, raising false scores in exams, typically in Ha Giang and Son La. It is hoped that the Ministry of Education, the Party and the State will have appropriate handling measures and punishments so that talented people have the opportunity to dedicate themselves to their homeland and country.

As a student who is aware of the role and mission of talents in the cause of the country, I realize that the task of studying, training and cultivating knowledge for myself is extremely important, trying to learn that it can contribute a little effort so that Vietnam can compete with the powers of the five continents.

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