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25+ Kiểu tóc duỗi cúp đẹp tự nhiên, hot nhất cho nàng

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Cup straightening hair is not too new, but it is still a favorite hairstyle of many beauty followers. The hairstyle gives the appearance a gentle, youthful, fashionable and attractive beauty. With this hairstyle, you can cut it short or long according to your preference. In this article, Beautiful 365 will accompany you to admire the 25+ most beautiful cup straightening hairstyles.

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What is Cup Hair Extensions?

Although it is the same type of cup stretching, it is also full of 50 shades from A to Z. With just a few touches or slight changes, it will give your hair a whole new shade. You will often see this hairstyle in Korean stars. Because it makes your face softer and more feminine. Straight hair lines along with natural curvature are the points that make girls love the neat, natural look.

If before, we only knew the straight hairstyle, now straightening the cup makes the ends of the hair hug the inside of the face. This helps to conceal your face imperfections as well as giving a natural and feminine look. Those who want to F5 their hair, the hair model will be a good choice. Don’t miss out on the beautiful hairstyles below, ladies!

(Source: Internet)

1. Natural cupped hair

The cup-stretching hairstyle that brings natural beauty and “flatters” this beauty can be rated as one of the national hair models in 2022, because it is chosen by a large number of women! Wearing this hairstyle will be ideal if you are pursuing a simple, pure image mixed with a bit of youth and dynamism. And especially, this is a hairstyle that is not picky about your age.

Natural curled hairNatural cupped hair is considered the national hair model in 2022 because it is popular with many women (Source: Internet)

Natural curled hairNatural cupped hair brings a simple, pure beauty mixed with a bit of youth and dynamism (Source: Internet)

2. Cup hair extensions for round faces

Short hair has never been the preferred choice of girls with chubby faces. However, this hairstyle will help her face look slimmer. The girls will confidently express their own style. It is because it is both simple and hides all the unwanted weaknesses of a round face. So it always has a certain charm. Moreover, you can also mix and match this hairstyle with many different makeup styles such as going out, going to a party, etc. Can any guy resist this charming hairstyle?

(Source: Internet)

3. Hair extensions with tails

If she doesn’t want her straight hair “smooth”, you can also choose this gentle style of tail cup. Exactly, the hairstyle is extremely “age-hacking” and can be suitable for all face shapes. Don’t think that round-faced girls can’t wear this style, try it and you will be surprised!

Hair extension with tails(Source: Internet)

4. Stretchy, puffy hair

This hairstyle has big curls at the ends to create volume and thickness for the hair. Girls with thin and thin hair should choose this hairstyle. Because it will help her hair look naturally bouncy and also enhance femininity. Refresh yourself with this puff. This hairstyle promises to attract all eyes every time you appear.

Blowing out hair(Source: Internet)

5. Layered hair extensions

When it comes to trendy and popular hairstyles today, how can you miss this extremely fancy layering hairstyle? This special hairstyle with trimming techniques to create natural hair layers, combined with some simple styling methods, can completely create a “beauty”! This will also be a perfect and interesting choice for thin hair girls.

Layered updo hairstyleLayered hair extensions are extremely trendy and popular today (Source: Internet)

Layered updo hairstyleLayered straightening hair is the ideal choice for thin hair girls (Source: Internet)

6. Short hair extension

Besides short hair, girls who pursue a sweet and elegant style can choose a straightened hairstyle to “dress up”. Because this short style of hair straightening helps the “owner” hack the absolute age, and at the same time, effectively conceals the face with high cheekbones.

Short curled hairShort hair straightening helps her hack absolute age (Source: Internet)

Short curled hairShort curled hair effectively conceals high cheekbones (Source: Internet)

7. Hair straightening cup for long faces

Women with long faces tend to choose this hairstyle. Because facial expressions will look elegant and harmonious. This hairstyle is increasingly diverse with many different variations. You will not waste time combing and tidying up your hair before going out. Because just stroking your hand, the hair is already smooth.

hair straightener cup(Source: Internet)

8. Long hair cup extension

For girls who love natural beauty, femininity and convenience, they will surely “fall in love” with this long hairstyle. It would be convenient if every morning you don’t need to spend too much time styling your hair before going out, right? In addition, a plus point that helps this gentle cup-length hairstyle receive countless 5-star votes thanks to a greater reduction in hair damage than other types of curling hair.

Trophy long hairstyleLong hair straightening cup avoids damage to the hair more than other types of cup straightening hair (Source: Internet)

Trophy long hairstyleLong hair straightening the cup brings natural beauty, femininity and convenience (Source: Internet)

9. Hair stretched to shoulder length with thin bangs

For girls of school age, this short shoulder-length hairstyle is a great choice. The loose bangs combined with the thin bangs are not fussy, but still make you stand out with a lovely charm. Try this beautiful hairstyle now to give yourself a new look!

Cup stretching hair and 9 beautiful transformations for her(Source: Internet)

10. Hair straightened with bangs

Cup straightening hair has been a hot hit hair model today, and when combined with the “national bangs” style – Korean flying bangs or long flying bangs, … will help women look younger and more modern. The defects on the face are also cleverly covered. Therefore, believe Beautiful 365! The girls will definitely be very confident when they “buy” this hair.

Hair straightened with bangsHair straightened with a flying bang captures the hearts of many women (Source: Internet)

Hair straightened with bangsHair straightening with flying bangs creates a floating effect and cleverly conceals the face (Source: Internet)

11. Hair straightened with lopsided bangs

This is a hairstyle that helps to highlight the delicate and mature features for every girl. This is a slight variation of the curled hair. Simple but not boring, so obviously very popular with girls. Try this beautiful model now!

beautiful cup straightening hair model(Source: Internet)

12. Hair straightening cup hugs the face

This is a beautiful hairstyle that was once hot in the land of Kim Chi. If you are looking for a hairstyle that can cover many defects such as a large face, high cheekbones, etc., this is definitely a charming natural hairstyle not to be missed.

Hair stretched cup hugging face(Source: Internet)

13. Puffy bangs hairstyle

Puffy cup bangs are a cute, simple look for anyone who wears them. Moreover, for girls with high foreheads, this will be an effective hairstyle to cover up that defect. Your face will become more delicate and harmonious. Whether your makeup style is bold or light, this shoulder-length hairstyle is suitable.

hair straightener cup(Source: Internet)

14. Goofy bangs extension

Goofy bangs are a natural type of picky face and few girls dare to take risks for fear of looking funny in the eyes of outsiders. However, with today’s beautiful variations, goofy bangs not only show your own personality, but also mark your difference, impressing those around you.

hair straightened bangs goofy(Source: Internet)

16. Straight bangs

You may confuse a flat roof with a flat roof. The most noticeable differences are that the silly bangs are cut above the eyebrows and create a bulge while the flat bangs will be straight and longer. If you are looking for a beautiful new hairstyle to refresh yourself every day, try this beautiful cup hairstyle with the most beautiful bangs in 2022.

flat bangs straightened hair(Source: Internet)

17. Hair straightening cup for oval face

Women who have an oval face are really lucky. This face shape is able to “adapt” to most hairstyles. Especially when combined with the cup straightening hairstyle. Check with Dep365 to see how beautiful and suitable this hairstyle is!

Hair straightening cup for oval faceThe oval face is suitable for almost any hairstyle (Source: Internet)

Beautiful cup straightening hairstyle for oval faceThe oval face is suitable for almost any hairstyle (Source: Internet)

18. Layered hair extensions

Layered updo hairstyle is almost not picky with any face. Each layer of hair with the tail is trimmed and styled to hug the face will bring the effect to help your face become V-line, more delicate. This hairstyle will definitely help you to be more charming, young and feminine many times.

Layered hair extensionsLayered updo hairstyle is almost not picky with any face (Source: Internet)

Layered hair extensionsEach layer of hair is trimmed at the end to help the face become more V-line (Source: Internet)

19. Korean Cup short hair

One of the simple hairstyles that can capture the hearts of many guys. Straight, short and natural hairstyle. Not only Korean girls but many young Vietnamese are also addicted to this trend.

Korean Cup Hair Extensions(Source: Internet)

20. Straight shoulder-length hair without bangs

Still short straight hair, but this natural cupped hairstyle will be more suitable for round face girls. A simple, rustic hairstyle with delicate and gentle sets will make her more attractive.

Straight shoulder length female hair without bangs is as beautiful as Korean stars(Source: Internet)

21. Hair extensions with the letter C

C-shaped hair is considered to be an extremely suitable hairstyle for girls with long round faces / angular faces. This hairstyle creates a lovely, modern beauty and will also cleverly show off the beautiful beauty of the owner. The above hairstyle can be combined with many different dyes. Each hair color will bring a unique personality beauty.

hair straightener cup letter C(Source: Internet)

22. Hair straightening cup for people with large faces

The bouncy, liberal cupped hair is really the right choice for people with large faces. The hair ends are curled, hugging the face to help adjust the ratio and create a delicate beauty. Moreover, this hairstyle also helps to cheat on the thickness of the hair.

hair straightener cup for big face(Source: Internet)

23. Cup hairstyle for square face

For people with square faces, the cupped hairstyle will help adjust the face ratio to become softer, less angular, and at the same time bring a youthful and trendy appearance. The bouncy hair also helps your appearance become attractive, suitable for all styles.

Cupping hairstyle for square faces(Source: Internet)

24. Hair straightening cup for baby

Cup hair extension is also a very suitable hairstyle for all girls. Your baby who was already pretty, now becomes even more adorable and cute with her curly hair. A little change with the hairstyle is enough to surprise you with the new look of the little princess.

Hair straightening cup for baby(Source: Internet)

25. Back-length hair

The hairstyle is relatively simple, suitable for many people. The hair is cut moderately short, the hair ends are naturally curled, highlighting the elegant, youthful, gentle and dynamic appearance. With this hairstyle, you can combine bright dyes to add a fresh look.

Back-length braided hairstyle(Source: Internet)

How to take care of beautiful, soft and smooth hair

To own a beautiful hair, always keep the style and smooth salon standard, you should definitely not ignore the following notes on care:

  • After straightening/styling, do not wash your hair within 72 hours.
  • Cover your hair carefully every time you go out in the morning to avoid drying out by limiting direct exposure to the sun.
  • Do not physically exert too much force on the hair or cause tension/inflammation of the hair follicles with actions (brushing, pulling hair, tying, …).
  • Choose the right hair care products to help keep your hair strong and soft. Support hair style to be more beautiful, hold and restore damaged hair effectively.
  • Use cold water to wash your hair instead of hot water.
  • Limit hair drying / styling / hair dyeing.
  • Trim your hair at a reasonable frequency.

Beautiful 365 has just introduced to you 25 beautiful, trend-appropriate cup-length hair styles. If you want to change your look, don’t be afraid to choose for yourself with a suitable cup straightener!

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