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30+ mẫu Kể lại một việc tốt em đã làm để bảo vệ môi trường | Tập làm văn lớp 3

Collection of 30+ samples Telling a good thing you did to protect the environment or choosing from the good writings of 3rd graders across the country to help 3rd graders practice writing Practice writing easier.

Topic: Write a paragraph (from 7 to 10 sentences) about a good thing you have done to protect the environment.

Outline Describe a good thing you did to protect the environment

– Introduce about my work contributing to environmental protection

– Under what circumstances do you work well?

– Time and place of work

– What is special about the working atmosphere?

– How did the work go?

– Results of my work

-How you feel about doing it (It’s a meaningful job for you / Proud when you can do a useful job)

Tell me about a good thing you did to protect the environment (sample 1)


Autumn comes with soft golden rays, with chilly winds and with the passionate scent of milk flowers. I look forward to a very fun and jubilant Mid-Autumn Festival night. But after the night of the party, the streets and the cultural area were filled with cakes, candy, paper, newspapers, etc. The young brothers and sisters organized for us to work to collect garbage. Someone holds a broom, someone holds a trash can, someone holds a trash can. I hold a broom, I sweep the pieces of garbage neatly into one place. Soon the yard was clean. A boy cycled around the yard, then tried to throw the wooden stick in his hand to the ground. I thought you must have just finished your ice cream. She walked over quickly and said, “Honey, do you see the penguin with his mouth wide open waiting for my stick?” As if he understood, he grinned, drove to the side of the trash can, and put the wooden stick in the penguin-shaped trash can. I felt very happy that day at work. Small jobs have helped keep the neighborhood clean and fresh.

Tell me about a good thing you did to protect the environment (sample 2)

Last Sunday, on the occasion of celebrating the 75th National Day of September 2, my village held a general cleaning session. Each family will clean up the street area around their house. My sister and I volunteered on behalf of the family to clean the streets. My sister is in charge of cleaning the village road area, I am in charge of picking up trash… All the waste paper is collected in a big plastic bag and transported to the communal garbage area of ​​the village to be transported. transferred for processing. After cleaning up the village road, my sister and I continued to follow the union members to pick up grass and water the plants in the pots along the village road. After completing the work, the two sisters feel extremely happy because they have contributed a part to the work of protecting the living environment around them.

Tell me about a good thing you did to protect the environment (sample 3)

Last Sunday morning, my parents took me for a walk in the park. The park in the early morning is so fresh and cool, the old people are leisurely exercising and enjoying the fresh atmosphere. While chatting, I saw from afar that there was a group of volunteers walking along the beach to collect rubbish indiscriminately by the river, probably because a few ignorant people accidentally threw garbage into the river to drift into the beaches. , shore. My parents and I joined the group of volunteers to clean up together. I picked up the plastic bags, garbage paper, cake shells… put them in the trash. The plastic bottles she left in a pile to send her bottles. After a few hours of work, finally completed, the stretch of the riverbank becomes much cleaner.

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When I left, my mother patted me on the head and smiled proudly for a good job. My heart is filled with joy because I have made a small contribution to protecting the environment for a cleaner nature.


Tell me about a good thing you did to protect the environment (Form 4)

Today, on Sunday, my village launched the movement “Cleaning the streets of villages and alleys”.

Just early in the morning, that house went to their front door to do cleaning. My mother and I were assigned by the village chief to clean a section of the road. I swept very carefully, picking up every piece of trash on both sides of the road. Wherever I sweep, I collect the garbage and then pick up the trash and pour it into the bin. Soon the road became clean. The village headman went to check once, he stopped in front of my house and praised me for being good and hard working.

I’m glad I did a good job.

Tell me about a good thing you did to protect the environment (sample 5)

That day was Sunday morning, me and Bang Tam invited each other to the flower garden for a walk. The two of them were staring intently at the velvet roses that had just bloomed and the colorful butterflies that were flying around the rose bushes. Suddenly heard a call: “Phuong Thao! Come here, I’ll give you this, it’s great!” I and Bang Tam walked over: “Ah! Trang Nhung huh! Who are you going with?” “I’m going alone.” As she spoke, Trang Nhung opened a handkerchief and wrapped three roses, showing off: “In the whole park, I can only choose these three flowers, do you think it’s beautiful?” I look at Bang Tam, Bang Tam looks at me. Both of them didn’t know what to say, but Trang Nhung urged: “Go, go! We scoured to see if there were any more beautiful flowers to pick them up.” I quickly stopped: “Don’t Trang Nhung, everyone does it, soon the flower garden will be empty and there is nothing left to see!” Seeing Trang Nhung’s face, she was sad for a while and then suddenly brightened up again: “Yes. Thao is right. Thank you for reminding me.” On the way back, I felt happy because I did a good deed.


Tell me about a good thing you did to protect the environment (Form 6)

Every Friday, my school will organize a general cleaning of the whole school for students. Our class was assigned to clean the gym area. After cleaning up the classroom, the whole class quickly went to the assigned area to clean up. My school’s gymnasium is also quite large. This is a place for students to study gymnastics or have a school sports festival. The class president divided the class into four groups in four groups. Each team is in charge of a different job. Team one is in charge of cleaning the physical floor area. The second group is in charge of picking up trash from the stands. The third team is in charge of cleaning up dry leaves and paper litter around the gymnasium. The fourth group, which is also my group, is in charge of cleaning the windows and doors. After an afternoon of hard work and enthusiasm. We kept the gym clean. The whole class felt very happy because they contributed to the cleaning of the school and the environment.

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Tell me about a good thing you did to protect the environment (sample 7)

On July 27, my school organized to clean up the martyr’s cemetery in my commune. We are very excited to join the labor force. According to the teacher’s assignment, we brought brooms to clean. At 1pm, we were fully present at the venue and started working. You pull weeds and shrubs around the mausoleum, you pick up branches to block them, you plant more flowers on both sides of the entrance to the cemetery.

Me and a few other friends sweep dry leaves and collect garbage to throw away. Done everything, the whole cemetery is cleaner. Although everyone was very tired and sweaty, everyone was happy with their results. After that, the teacher and us burned incense to express our gratitude and respect to the martyrs who sacrificed themselves for the beloved Motherland, allowing us to live in peace today.


Tell me about a good thing you did to protect the environment (Form 8)

It was a labor day to clean the school. The children’s nest was assigned to weed in the flowerbed at the foot of the flagpole. Everyone is very active. The sun is getting higher and higher, sweat is pouring out, everyone is tired. The groups are also about to finish the work of weeding around the classroom and cleaning the school yard. Hoa and I carried the trash together and went to the hole at the end of the school garden to dump it. When passing the lotus pond, I saw the grass litter, I didn’t know which nest had fallen there. I told Hoa: “The lotus lake is so clear and beautiful, who would bring grass down here? I go down and pick it up. If not for a few days, the water will change color.” Although very tired, the two of them also picked up all the grass. The work of the two brothers, maybe no one knows, but on the way back, Hoa and I were very happy. Because I think I have also done a job to contribute to green and clean environment.

Tell me about a good thing you did to protect the environment (sample 9)

It was a beautiful day and it was a school day off, and Viet Ha and I invited each other to the park to cool off. By chance we met four boys in the same class. Those are Phat, Hoang, Do, Dung. After walking around the park, we sat opposite each other on two rows of seats, watching the traffic passing and telling each other jokes we read the pages of “Children” and “Red Scarf” newspapers. “. They all laughed and talked. Suddenly, Do discovered that there were a few injectors under the seat. Do took out a stick and then said: “Perhaps these are the syringes of the people who are addicted to kegs”. She thought for a moment and then suggested: “Let’s go home and get the tongs, then when we come out, we go around the park to collect them and put them in the trash. It’s dangerous to be like this! Everyone agrees. That morning, we collected a bag, about a few dozen syringes, and put it in the trash. Although our work is not big, we are all happy because we have done a good job, contributing to environmental protection.

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Tell me about a good thing you did to protect the environment (Form 10)

That morning, everyone in the neighborhood didn’t understand why the children went out so early. Each of them held a broom and tongs in their hands and gathered at the alley. Uncle Hai, the head of the neighborhood, passed by and asked, “What are you doing standing here?” I quickly answered him: “Last night, we met here this morning to clean up the neighborhood!” “Oh, you guys are great! Uncle has a compliment. Be careful not to have an accident!” On the road to our neighborhood about 100m long, some people used sticks to pick up the bags of latex, some people took the broom to sweep the rubbish, piled it up one by one, put it in the trash cans, talking while working. Just over an hour later, the road was clear. The aunts and uncles passing by, everyone gave a compliment: “The kids are so good!” Everyone looked at each other and smiled happily.

Tell me about a good thing you did to protect the environment (Form 11).

My mother once told me that before, my hometown was a very peaceful and poetic fishing village. But since this place was built to develop into a tourist area. If there are tourists, they have come to visit and bring a lot of waste, littering everywhere. The once dreamy beach is now gradually covered with plastic bags, candy shells, plastic cases or water cans. Because of that, I and my friends in the village decided to clean up the beach. Our team takes out the trash twice a week with full trash bags. Gradually, this small work of ours has made people respond and join hands to protect the environment. I feel very happy when I make a small contribution to environmental protection for my homeland and country.

Tell me about a good thing you did to protect the environment (Form 12)

After the storm No. 2, my hometown Quang Ngai had to suffer extremely heavy consequences. A few days after the water receded, houses, fields and gardens gradually appeared with a dirty, wild look because of the invasion of mud. The green line of the village has stood there for many years, but now it has also been knocked down by the wind. The tree is light, the branches are broken, the more severe, the roots are uprooted, lying across the road. Garbage from all over the place poured into the water and then stranded everywhere. If this situation persists, then as soon as the sun rises, the whole village will be polluted and disease outbreaks. Therefore, at the call of the village head, everyone in the village is determined to work together to overcome the consequences of the storm. You and I take on the task of collecting garbage. We quickly got to work. Me and Tuan will collect on the main road, the group of friends Lan, Hai, Ngoc, Hung will divide into small alleys. Just in the morning, we finished the work. I and my friends are very happy to have made a small contribution to bring fresh beauty to the beloved village.

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