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Sample essay Describing the best rose tree is carefully selected by Chúng tôi from good students – specializing in bringing readers the best sample articles, please read below with Chúng tôi.

Topic: Describe a rose tree in bloom.

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Outline Please describe a rose tree

I. Introduction:

– The flower pot in front of my house blooms beautifully.

This is my favorite flower.

II. Post body:

– The body is slender, with many branches, many sharp spines.

– Young leaves are dark red, old leaves are green, around leaves have serrated edges.

– The flower buds at a young age are blue, with soft white fluffy feathers.

– The flower buds near bloom have a red-pink streak between the petals.

– Under the bud are jade-colored sepals.

– Blooming flowers are bright red.

– Smooth petals stacked in layers.

– The middle of the flower has bright yellow stamens, attracting insects.

– Light, mild fragrance.

– Bees and butterflies often swarm around flowers.

III. End:

– Roses have increased the beauty of the home garden.

– Make life more meaningful.

– I usually take care of the flower plant every day to keep it green.

Describe a rose tree – Model 1

My green garden always has beautiful and magical things. The blooming rose tree is one of those beautiful, magical things. I always want to look at the rose tree for a long time.

My rose plant is a yellow rose variety, with small flowers, many petals and a very attractive fragrance. The rose tree has been planted by her mother for a long time, so the tree is quite tall. The tree is about a meter high, with a slender body, with many tangerine branches growing close together. There are many sharp thorns on her body to protect herself and remind everyone to be gentle with flowers. The rose has leaves with serrated edges. When the young leaves are a beautiful dark red, the larger leaves will gradually turn dark green. Spring and summer are the times when roses want to bloom. However, roses are also shy. At first, the girls only showed off their beautiful little blue buds, fluffy and fluffy. Near blooming, flower buds appear yellow-pink streaks. Then one fine day, the whole garden suddenly sobbed watching the beautiful, graceful roses show off their brilliant yellow color and seductive fragrance.

I always look forward to the moment when the rose blooms. Some of them struggled to reach high through the branches and leaves, while others gently retreated to the back. The interlaced roses form a beautiful scene. The smooth petals are stacked in layers. In the middle is a fragrant yellow pistil. The scent of roses is strong, sometimes light. The scent of flowers permeates the space, spreading all the way to my house. Each bee, butterfly eagerly gathered honey to sweeten the life to surround the flower. That image makes the garden more lively and joyful.

Without roses, my garden would be so sad. And if I don’t take care of the tree, the tree will be very sad. So I always catch worms, water, prune branches, weed trees so that the trees are always green and have many beautiful flowers.

Describe a rose tree – Model 2

When we were young, who didn’t like flowers. You love daisies, others love orchids. As for me, my favorite is the blooming rose tree in front of my yard.

Body thin and hard. There are more sharp thorns on the stem, so the rose tree looks more sturdy. Just a day ago, the persimmon tree had only one single stem, now there are many new branches on the trunk. At the base, the branches rise up to form a lush green rose bush. Rose leaves grow from the base to the top. Young dark red leaves grow on the tips of branches, soft as silk. The leaves grow green, around the edge of the leaf has a serrated shape. Roses bloom all year round. There are flowers in every season, but the flowers bloom most in spring. The rose bud is like a sharp candle, proudly rising on a long slender stem. Blooming flowers are crimson, velvety smooth petals arranged around the yellow pistil. The blooms have a mild fragrance.

In the morning, the transparent dew drops on the branches and leaves, iridescent on the petals, make the rose more fresh. The sun is up, the flowers are more brilliant, the bees and butterflies fly to make the rose tree more beautiful.

The rose tree has added beauty to my yard. Flowers bring my family a joy, happiness. I usually cut flowers and put them in a crystal vase on the table in the living room. Looking at the flowers blooming fresh with the warm atmosphere in the family, I feel love the family home, nature, flowers.

I love the rose plant. I secretly wish the rose trees in my yard forever with the flower seasons. Hope everyone plant more roses so that Vietnam becomes the second land of roses.

Describe a rose tree – Model 3

During a business trip in Lam Dong, my father bought a lot of strange flowers that are rare in the plains of my hometown. They all have buds and are about to flower. The flower that my mother and I take care of the most is the velvet rose planted in a porcelain pot.

I still know roses are very beautiful and gorgeous, but so far I have never seen such a beautiful cluster of roses. At first glance, the persimmon tree looks thin, but in fact it is very hard, very strong. The whole body is sharp thorns that pierce the fringes. Up to the top, the green color of the stem fades, turns to banana buds and the spines also soften. It is these thorns that are self-defense weapons that ensure the safety of the rose itself. Once, I accidentally caught a spider that was spinning its web in the morning, bumped into a thorn near the base right on the back of my hand, bleeding out, I was very angry with it. He doesn’t seem to like anyone cuddling him. I liked it so much that I had to stand and look but not touch. It’s like a cute little child of the radio station that likes to whine. This is a flower that “doesn’t like the sun, doesn’t like the rain” very difficult to “raise”.

Looking at the oval leaves as big as a rice spoon and a row of serrated teeth like the patterns surrounding the leaves, you can see a lovely haughtiness of velvet roses. Near the base, the color of the leaves is dark green, up to the top, the color of the leaves changes to the purple color of the afternoon sky. Here and there, flower buds as big as the tips of chopsticks rise up as if to show off their noble and proud appearance. And there, a smiling rose still holding a glittering dew drop, the new pink color showed a few petals. Although not brilliant, it is enough for all species to envy. Mother said the rose is “the lord of flowers”. I think mom is right. Yes! There are only a few petals that are so gorgeous that they are so enchanting, then try to ask when the flowers are full and round, there is no other flower that can compare. Even the scent of flowers is a miracle of nature for this flower. It’s both soothing and peaceful, not suffocating, but just faint.

That’s what my velvet rose is. Anyone who passes by here must stop for a few minutes to admire the haughty beauty of my rose velvet tree. I am very proud of my “noble” rose pot. I told myself to take good care of it so that it blooms more beautiful flowers.

Describe a rose tree – Model 4

I have a few pots of roses in front of my house. My mother bought those roses about a month ago. Now they have bloomed, red velvet roses.

Thanks to the mother’s care, the persimmon trees are very fresh. Their trunks are not tall, but the branches are stout, spreading out even outside the pot. The green pink leaves are large, serrated, slightly pointed at the tip, smaller near the end of the branch. Rose petals are small but look very supple. On the green bark, sharp thorns grow like soldiers with guns ready to protect the tree.

On the largest rose branch rising from the middle of the trunk, a rose bloomed. A long and thin flower stalk protrudes from the branch to support the blue calyx. On that calyx, beautiful, soft rose petals are stacked in many layers.

Every early morning, the flowers have not fully bloomed, the petals are still hugging each other as if together to protect the stamens from wind and dew. However, standing next to that flower, I saw the fragrant rose scent. On the flower color is crimson and smooth as velvet, with a few dewdrops sparkling with the early rays of the sun.

No wonder people often love roses so much: roses are both beautiful and fragrant. The higher the sun rises, the more the petals spread, until the whole flower looks like a small jade disc. At that time, the scent of flowers was also fragrant. Then the petals pale and one by one, fall off. My mother used scissors to cut that flower, leaving room for a new flower bud, chubby like a ripe myrtle, only a few days to bloom.

My yard is not large, my mother does not have much money to buy many flowers. Although there are only a few small rose trees, the mother’s house seems to be more beautiful and happier because of that.

Describe a rose tree – Model 5

Early this morning, my rose tree bloomed. The faint scent mingles with the fresh air of the morning like an invitation. I stood and exercised without rest. So I had to give up all my homework to come to flowers.

Rising high above the dark green leaves, the rose rose above the long stalk, as if to keep the pure white color of the flower from being mixed with the deep green of the leaves.

Many people like crimson velvet roses. Russian feature film shows a magical blue rose with many miracles. Crime books introduce the black rose as the code name of a political organization. Almost no one talks about pink and white. But my rose tree bloomed a white rose. The newly bloomed rose was as big as my grandfather’s tea pot. The cambered outer wings have just opened. The inner wings are still closed, curled together to form a pointed heart shape. Petals are smooth, light to the touch, but cool at the fingertips. The night dew drops on each petal have not yet bloomed, glittering like diamonds.

Pink is still considered a noble and haughty flower, but my house’s white rose is more haughty than all roses. It is always afraid of getting dirty, so it always rises above the green trees. And always surrounded by a group of bodyguards. Behold, these are young and old leaves, always showing rows of sharp serrations, as if to warn those who want to touch the cotton. And here are the trunks, branches, just slender with ugly moldy green color, but all over the branches are fringed with sharp thorns. Hardly anyone can touch the rose without being stabbed with painful thorns by these loyal defenders.

Many people love flowers and cut individual flowers from the branches for vases. I don’t like that kind of play. Looking at the flower with its branches removed, I feel pity in my heart, like catching birds in cages, catching wild animals in cages in botanical gardens. The flower that blooms on the outdoor branch really shows its natural beauty!

Describe a rose tree – Model 6

In the small yard in front of the house, my father grows a lot of ornamental plants, but my favorite is the rose tree.

The pink stem is slender, at first glance it looks thin, when you get close to it, you will see the rose branches sprouting and there are many sharp thorns scattered on the branches like bodyguards protecting the rose princess. Young leaves are pale green, old are dark green, surrounded by serrated edges.

When not in bloom, the flower shyly hides in a small green bud. When you want to show off your beauty, roses bloom! Oh! How beautiful are the newly bloomed roses! The rose was as big as my grandfather’s tea pot, all a crimson color. It proudly stands tall on a long stalk, leaning slightly towards the scent of the sun as if joyfully receiving the rays of the sun to warm itself. On the petals, the tiny dewdrops like diamonds glitter in the sunlight, adding to the beauty of the pink velvet. Yellow pistil color makes the rose more brilliant, few flowers can match.

Under the bright yellow sunlight, colorful butterflies, captivated by the scent of roses, fluttering and playing with the queen of flowers, giving my little garden a vivid, worthy picture. how love!

Roses are always present in festivals, festivals, birthdays, weddings. In addition, rose essential oil is also used to make a very popular perfume. Particularly for me, roses have adorned my garden more beautiful. I love flowers very much because the flowers are grown by my father.

Every day, I and my father take care of the rose tree very carefully such as catching worms, watering, pruning branches. If there is any grass that foolishly pokes its head out, I will uproot it immediately. Sometimes I fertilize so that the persimmon grows quickly, is always lush and has many beautiful flowers.


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