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Hoàng Kim Dung là ai? ‘Thánh nổ’ bất động sản hay ‘trùm lừa đảo’?

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If you are a person interested in the business field, surely the name Hoang Kim Dung is no longer a strange name. So who is the beautiful, successful businesswoman Hoang Kim Dung? Let’s find out with vothisaucamau.edu.vn!

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Who is speaker Hoang Kim Dung?

Hoang Kim Dung is known as a speaker, a real estate investor, a successful and wealthy businesswoman. She is currently a name causing a stir for a part of netizens, a new phenomenon for those who are interested in business and getting rich. She has intrigued many people.

So who is Hoang Kim Dung? Let’s find out with vothisaucamau.edu.vn right away!

Biography of Hoang Kim Dung

Right here vothisaucamau.edu.vn will provide tons of information about the character Hoang Kim Dung, from name, hometown, … to education. Hurry up to reveal the secret of this remarkable woman!

Real name Hoang Kim Dung
Year of Birth 1984
Home town Hai Phong
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/hoangtuchuoiyeu/
YouTube https://www.youtube.com/c/Ho%C3%A0ngKimDung

When was Hoang Kim Dung born?

Through the photos shared by Hoang Kim Dung, many signs of age can be seen on her face, even though she has taken care of her makeup.

Currently, there is no reputable source of information to share about her real age, but we can boldly call Hoang Kim Dung a U40 woman.

When was Hoang Kim Dung born?

According to the most reliable sources that vothisaucamau.edu.vn staff have access to, the most accurate is that Ms. Dung is about 39 years old (born in 1984). The exact date is still a mystery.

Where is Hoang Kim Dung from?

Hoang Kim Dung is from Thanh Hoa – a land of talented people rich in tradition of studiousness. This place is famous for Phu Quang lam tea, Tu Tru gai cake, Kim Tan black sugarcane or Ma river tunes, Dong Anh folk songs.

However, Thanh Hoa is also a place where the economy is still difficult. Born and raised in this land rich in identity also contributed to the impact on the situation as well as the person of Hoang Kim Dung.

How tall is Hoang Kim Dung?

Hoang Kim Dung is not a young idol, nor a star in the showbiz world, so she does not necessarily have to disclose this data to the public. Her height and weight so far continue to be a mystery.

But according to the observation from the full-body photos that Ms. Dung shared, it can be seen that her height is not too different from that of Vietnamese women of the 8x generation, ranging from 1m50 to 1m60.

How tall is Hoang Kim Dung?

How much does Hoang Kim Dung weigh?

So is the weight. It can be seen that Ms. Dung’s appearance is quite balanced and not too “fertile”. Hoang Kim Dung falls in the range of 50-60 kg. And weight can completely change over time, not as fixed as height.

Education level of Hoang Kim Dung

In the early years of her life, Hoang Kim Dung was a poor girl from the countryside who attended local schools. In the early years of the new century, she studied at Hanoi National University of Education (HNUE) with a burning dream of becoming a “standard – creative – pioneer” teacher. At the school that was the cradle of exemplary teachers, by the second year she had started with business and start-up projects. Which is to find land in the countryside and then sell it to customers, renovate old houses and put them up for sale, which is to open a training center for Informatics – Foreign Languages. Hoang Kim Dung also obtained the first cakes at the age of eighteen and twenty. Those successes are well deserved because not everyone dares to do, dare to take such risks.

Hoang Kim Dung’s social media account

Dung is most widely known through her personal Facebook page, where she shares her business stories and the recent scandals surrounding businesswoman Nguyen Phuong Hang.

On her personal page with more than 60,000 followers and more than 30,000 likes, she often shares charity photos and business knowledge. And most recently, the livestream series sells ice cream, clothes and even videos sharing about the scandal related to Dai Nam and Vietnam’s hottest businesswoman Nguyen Phuong Hang.

Hoang Kim Dung's social media account

On the YouTube front, she owns 2 different channels. A channel called “Hoang Kim Dung” is where she shares business knowledge, interspersed with videos around noisy cases on social networks. Videos sharing everyday moments and even viewing videos to increase coverage.

It seems that being good at business, making a certain amount of influence does not mean there will be a trending YouTube channel.

In addition, Hoang Kim Dung also owns a YouTube channel called “Patriotic Battalion”. On this channel, she mainly posts fashion videos. BILLION

However, her YouTube channel is not very noticeable although she still updates it regularly.

Hoang Kim Dung’s career

Besides the somewhat mysterious biography, Ms. Hoang Kim Dung’s career has received a lot of attention, especially with the business-loving department. She is hailed as “The Queen of Real Estate” (Real Estate), “Holy Explosion”, “one of the famous speakers of Vietnam” or “The Queen of Investment”,…

Let’s see why Hoang Kim Dung is praised with such explosive names…

Although she started a business and obtained many results from her student days, Hoang Kim Dung’s career really started after graduating from university. H

At that time, after transferring 3 centers for 1 billion VND and being the owner of 36 real estate in the countryside, plus finishing the journey to obtain a bachelor’s degree, Hoang Kim Dung could fully devote himself to his career. your real estate business.

Hoang Kim Dung's career

In 2010, the real estate market fluctuated, due to uncontrollability, Hoang Kim Dung went bankrupt and defaulted up to 10 billion VND. The difficulty was so great, she thought she would fall, but she didn’t. A year later, she started her business again with 5 close associates.

They are also the source of capital for her to invest in the rental business. Thanks to her talent, she has expanded her area from Hanoi to other big cities across the country. Even when the market is full of disadvantages, the number of assets keeps increasing gradually.

At the same time, she is constantly learning and improving herself. Explore, read books, think of new ideas, attend seminars, etc. to sharpen yourself more and more.

She learns from billionaire Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki, Warren Buffett, Anthony Robbins, Adam Khoo, etc. are all great entrepreneurs of the world.

In 2015, Hoang Kim Dung successfully organized the program “The ultimate success formula for real estate investors”. Hoang Kim Dung became a motivational speaker for young people who are starting their own businesses and those who are active in the field of real estate investment.

A lot of people signed up for her course, taking her as a role model, an inspiration to many people. She has a published book “The Ultimate Formula for Real Estate Success”. Over time, her name became more and more known.

Currently, she owns 5 large companies with a total value of 50 million USD in the fields of: real estate investment, transportation, food, construction, training and is the owner of more than 100 buildings. rent – ​​sublease in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, Nha Trang…

She is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hoang Dung Investment and Development Joint Stock Company, the investment director of Viplife Land Real Estate Alliance.

That success had to go through many difficulties and challenges, thanks to her own efforts and bravery.

Hoang Kim Dung’s private life

Behind her admirable career, her private life is also noticed. Especially how does she balance her career and family, or what image will a successful businesswoman have?

Who is the husband of speaker Hoang Kim Dung?

Currently, there is no source that provides information about Hoang Kim Dung’s husband. If there is information, vothisaucamau.edu.vn will inform you as soon as possible!

Why is Hoang Kim Dung called the holy explosion?

Besides many people cheering, many people have a negative attitude towards Ms. Dung. Some people think that she is the most “explosive saint” in Vietnam, a fraudulent speaker.

Hoang Kim Dung’s courses are considered by many people as “Multi-level in real estate”, even many fanpages were set up to call for a boycott of these courses.

A woman in Ha Long, Quang Ninh accused Hoang Kim Dung of fraudulently appropriating property, causing serious consequences. Many people who attended Hoang Kim Dung’s course lost their money and were heavily in debt.

Holy Explosion Golden Dung

The name “explosion saint” also comes from what Hoang Kim Dung self-identifies. Is she really the “real estate queen”, “investment queen”, “famous speaker” as she proclaims herself?

$50 million worth of company? Students of the world’s business masters? It’s very confusing because it is not clear whether the titles, talents or assets of Hoang Kim Dung are as words or not, or is it all just exaggeration, exaggerating and polishing the name. After all, perhaps only the name “explosion saint” is right for her.

Is speaker Hoang Kim Dung a scam?

Someone once accused Ms. Dung of fraud. Ms. Bui Thi Thu Huyen (residing at 14 Cao Xanh, Ha Long City, Quang Ninh province) said that she had been scammed to appropriate property and many people were like me after participating in Hoang Kim Dung’s enrichment course. .

Reportedly, Hoang Kim Dung used a lot of sweet arguments to seduce gullible people: “bitcoin is an international trending game”, “my husband is one of the founders”, “this is the key.” pioneer in cryptography”, “bitcoin will never die because of Donald Trump behind”, “I am on the shark team”, “I will only teach 10 people”,…

Golden Dung

Hoang Kim Dung announced the price of “get rich” courses taught by this woman at “heavenly” prices: Course “rent and lease real estate”: 12,980,000 VND; lock “real estate 0 VND”: 16,980,000 VND; key “basic securities”: 22,980,000 VND; key “Bitcoin and currency”: VND 6,980,000; “Super trainer” course: 69,980,000 VND and especially the “Super Investor” course with a very “huge” price of up to: 108,980,000 VND.

Why would a rich businessman who is a passionate speaker charge such an exorbitant price? While the general market of Vietnamese speakers only takes prices ranging from 500-1000 USD. Is it unreasonable for an unreal speaker like Hoang Kim Dung to do so?

According to the courses, Hoang Kim Dung’s “donkeys” do not know what knowledge they have acquired, how rich they have become, only know that many people have lost their whole year savings, even borrowed money. Borrow to buy a course.

True multi-level tricks of Hoang Kim Dung

It’s multi-level course. Hoang Kim Dung will use the huge profile she built herself to entice people to listen to her share her secret to getting rich. The courses are short, but the price is up to tens, hundreds of millions of dong.

With the trick of selling in limited quantities, with extremely favorable prices, many people mistakenly signed up for her courses.

True multi-level tricks of Hoang Kim Dung

In the courses, instead of sharing magical and profound knowledge to help students make money immediately, Ms. Dung utters fancy words. Which is not afraid to invest in yourself, what is the life of successful people or billions of stories, secrets in the profession that no one will tell you anywhere.

This course offers another course. When the students found that they had finished their studies and still had nothing to gain, plus some people were planted among the practitioners who made fake actions, they continued to fail to register for the next courses. More and more money is spent every day, the fantasy of getting rich quick increases.

Only when they run out of money do they realize that this is actually a scam. It is they who are enriching Ms. Dung.

And the most expensive lesson they received was trusting the wrong people, believing in get rich quick, getting rich through courses.

Through the above article, you probably already know more information about speaker Hoang Kim Dung. If you want to know more about your favorite celebrity, follow vothisaucamau.edu.vn for the fastest updates!

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