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Top 40 Nghe tin gia đình một người thân ở xa có chuyện buồn, viết thư thăm hỏi và động viên – Tập làm văn lớp 4

The article Listening to the family of a relative who is far away has a sad story, writes a letter to visit and encourage, including a detailed letter outline and more than 40 best and concise sample letter essays compiled and selected from Good essays with high scores by 4th graders. Hopefully with 50+ articles listening to news that a relative’s family has a sad story, writing this letter to visit and encourage you will love and write better.


Topic: When you hear that a loved one’s family far away has a sad story (someone is sick, someone recently died or has an accident, …) write a letter to visit and encourage that relative.

Outline Listen to news that a loved one’s family has a sad story, write a letter to visit and encourage

Outline – sample 1

I. Letter header:

– Place and time of writing

– A message to

II. Main part

– State the purpose and reason for writing the letter

– Visit the recipient’s status

– Report the situation of the letter writer

– Expressing opinions or expressing feelings to the recipient of the letter

III. The last part of the letter:

– Wishes, thanks, promises

– Signature and name or full name

Outline – sample 2

I. Letter header:

– Write the exact date and year you write the letter.

– Address to the recipient accordingly: Dear friend!

II. Main part

– Specify the purpose and reason for writing the letter: visit you, share with you when your grandfather died.

– Encourage and comfort you to overcome difficulties when your family has sad news.


III. The last part of the letter:

– Good health to you and your family.

– Promise to you.

– Sign and write your full name

Hearing news that a loved one’s family far away has a sad story, write a letter to visit and encourage – sample 1

Hai Phong, February 10, 2018

Dear Grandma!

Yesterday, when I received a letter from Uncle Loi informing that my grandmother was ill, my whole family was very worried. I wrote a letter on behalf of my family to ask about her health and hope that she gets well soon.

Madam, how is your condition now? Have you eaten yet? Have you read the book yet? Last month, when my father came to visit, she was fine, but now she is sick. Is it because of the wind or because of old age?

My parents and we love you so much! Sometimes my father told stories about the old days when my grandfather went to war, Grandma tightened her belt and took care of the whole family. Throughout her life, she worked hard for her children and grandchildren. Listening to my father’s story, we understood her great merits even more.

Dear Grandma!

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Because of the working situation away from home, my parents do not have close conditions to take care of my grandmother regularly. Now that my grandmother is sick, my whole family is very worried. I don’t know what to do, I just hope she is healthy and has a long life with her children and grandchildren. Anyway, my parents also arranged work to visit Grandma. I have good news for you, I just got another 10 in Math, ma’am!

I would like to stop writing, I wish you, your two uncles and brothers and sisters good health! I look forward to coming back to visit you on New Year’s Eve.


Grandma’s grandson

Ngoc Oanh



Hearing news that a loved one’s family far away has a sad story, write a letter to visit and encourage – sample 2

Ho Chi Minh, date… month… year…

Dear Lan!

Just went to class today, I was told by Han that Lan’s mother had just passed away. I’m really shocked and feel sorry for Lan.

Oh Lan! Since the day Lan followed her family to live in Da Lat, we have not had the opportunity to meet. I understand that losing her mother is the biggest pain in Lan’s life. I also feel very sad. When I heard this news, I cried, even my classmates also cried. I can’t imagine what Lan will be like. I still remember the essay that Lan made in third grade about her mother was read by the teacher to the whole class, I know Lan is a girl who loves and adores her mother very much. But now that my mother is no more, this loss cannot be compensated for.

But Lan! People who have lost are also lost, Lan must regain the courage to overcome this pain. Lan believe that besides Lan, there are good friends who always support and share with Lan. The classmates are also writing letters to visit and encourage Lan. I believe that my little, pretty girlfriend will have enough energy to win.

Good luck Lan!

Lan’s best friend

Ly Na

Hearing news that a distant relative’s family has a sad story, write a letter to visit and encourage – sample 3

Da Lat, day… month… year…

Dear Hoa,

When your teacher informed you that your father had passed away from a serious illness. The whole class and I feel very sad. But surely the person who feels the most sadness is you. Therefore, I am writing this letter to express my condolences and hope that you soon overcome your sadness to continue your studies.

Hoa, I understand how bad you must have felt when you lost your respectable father. Are we too young to bear the loss of a loved one? But stay strong. Think of your mother, who will have to take over the family for her father. If you are not strong, who will be your mother’s spiritual support?

Hoa don’t forget, you still have teachers and friends, right? We will always be there to encourage and help you. That’s why I hope you get over your sadness soon. Love you very much.

Best friend

Thu Trang


Hearing news that a loved one’s family far away has a sad story, write a letter to visit and encourage – sample 4

Da Lat, day … month … year …

Dear Hung!

This afternoon, watching TV news, I learned that your house in Quang Tri is being flooded due to prolonged rain and floods. I worry about you and your family. So, as soon as I got home, I wrote a letter to you right away.

I know that the rising water has brought a lot of difficulties and dangers to you and everyone. But Hung, after the rain, the sun shines again. All difficulties will pass, the water will recede and life will return to normal. Besides, you and the people of Quang Tri will not be alone, because people across the country and the world are always watching, and ready to help and stand by your side. So, please rest assured, try to take care of your health and safety. My mother and aunts sent gift boxes according to my letter to your family. Wish you and everyone there are always healthy and get through these difficult days soon.

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When everything is stable again, please write me a reply. I miss you so much!

People write a letter


Do Minh Tuan

Hearing that a loved one’s family far away has a sad story, write a letter to visit and encourage – sample 5

District 10, day … month … year…

Dear Uncle Six!

Yesterday, I heard my father say that he called home and told him that he was seriously ill. I’m so worried, uncle. By the way, when my father came home with him, I sent a few lines with my family.

He was old, so when he got sick, it didn’t heal quickly, it was too bad for him. Does your asthma require long-term treatment? In addition, he was afraid to be hospitalized, it was difficult for the doctor to monitor and it was extremely difficult for the uncle to take care of him. Uncle tried to convince him to actively monitor and treat, he will recover quickly.

I hope he gets well soon. Please send my regards to him. I asked my father to take care of him, remind him to take his medicine regularly and adjust his diet accordingly.

The letter is long, I would like to stop writing. Looking forward to the summer, I will come back and play for a long time with my grandfather and uncle.

Wishing him a speedy recovery!

Uncle’s grandson

Minh Anh

Hearing news that a loved one’s family far away has a sad story, write a letter to visit and encourage – sample 6

Hanoi Day Month Year …

Dear lady!

Yesterday, I heard from my father that it was so cold these days that she was sick again. Because I’m busy with school, I can’t visit you, so I’m writing to visit you.

Madam! You have to see a doctor, take medicine and eat a lot! That way she will be healthy soon! It’s very cold these days, when you go to the market, you have to wear a lot of warm clothes, scarf and socks on you! I heard my mother say, it is very good to drink a cup of ginger tea in the morning, when I return to my hometown, I will definitely buy it for you. If only I could take a break from school now, I would quickly run back to her, cook for her, pour her water, invite her to drink and take good care of her, then she would be very happy, wouldn’t she?

As for my family, everyone is fine. My parents are always busy. My sister and I are about to take a semester exam, so we have to study and do a lot of homework. I will try to get as many 10 points to honor you, grandma!

Now, I have to study. At the end of the letter, I hope you get well soon so that I can invite you to my house to play again. I promise to study hard, be obedient, listen to the teachings of my grandmother and parents. I’ll come visit you one day at the earliest.

Grandma’s grandson

mystical gem

Hearing news that a loved one’s family far away has a sad story, write a letter to visit and encourage – sample 7

Phu Tho, day … month … year …

Dear Aunt Five!

Today, I heard from my mother at the place where you just experienced a big storm. The rows of papaya aunts planted in the back garden were all broken. The loss is huge. Mom and I love you very much. So I am writing this letter to share with you.

Auntie, I know that the papaya garden has not had a lot of effort and enthusiasm for the past year. But don’t be too sad. Like she used to say, it’s for people to go. As long as aunts, uncles and children are still safe and healthy, soon the papaya garden will be green again. So, please try to stay healthy, so that you can revive your beloved garden.

This summer, me and my family will visit my aunt together. At that time, I will go with my aunt to the garden to water and fertilize the papaya trees, okay?

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The letter is long, I would like to stop writing here. I hope to receive a reply from you soon. I miss my aunt so much!

Auntie’s niece


Nguyen Minh An

Hearing that a loved one’s family far away has a sad story, write a letter to visit and encourage – sample 8

Hanoi Day Month Year…

Dear Hai Lan!

This afternoon, when I heard the news that he fell and broke his leg, I was very worried. So, as soon as I got home from school, I wrote this letter to you.

Lan, your leg is broken, you must be in a lot of pain, right? Then in the near future, his life will encounter many inconveniences. He also won’t be able to swim every day anymore. However, please rest assured. Because this wound will heal quickly. Then your leg will also heal like before, and you will be able to play and swim normally again. So, don’t worry too much. Relax your mind, eat and sleep in moderation as advised by your doctor. I and my friends in Hanoi still love and watch over you. Along with the letter, I packed some sweets and some pens and bows… All of this was sent to you by my classmates. Be happy and get well soon. I and everyone else love you very much.

See you this summer, when we meet again, we will go to the beach together!

People write a letter


Bui Ngoc Bich

Hearing news that a loved one’s family far away has a sad story, write a letter to visit and encourage – sample 9

Da Nang, day … month … year …

Dear Uncle Five!

Hi, I’m Nhi – the daughter of Hoa’s mother. In the morning, I heard from my mother that you had to go to the hospital to be treated for a stomach ulcer. So, I immediately wrote this letter to you.

Heard people say, when you have this disease, you will often have severe abdominal pain and not be able to eat much. Like that is really annoying. However, my uncle still managed to endure to this day. Then in the next days of treatment, Uncle Nam will also pass easily, right?

Me and everyone here, everyone is very worried about you. So, please try to rest, take good care of your illness, so that you can get well soon. For this summer, when I return to my hometown to play, my uncle will take me to the fields and to the river to play like in the past. I am sure that you will overcome this disease. Because you are my Uncle Five Heroes.

People write a letter


Nguyen Thi Yen Nhi

Hearing news that a loved one’s family is far away has a sad story, write a letter to visit and encourage – sample 10

Bac Ninh, day … month … year …

Dear Tuan!

This afternoon, I heard that Tuan’s grandmother passed away. I was surprised and loved you so much.

Although I have never met your grandmother, but through your stories, I know that she is a very gentle and kind person. When I heard the news of her passing, I was very sad and saddened. I understand your pain when you lose a loved one. It is an irreplaceable loss.

But, Tuan, your grandmother is gone anyway. and I believe, your grandmother will not want to see you suffer, sad to stop eating, not sleeping. So cheer up your spirits. Try to get over this shock. Then everything will be fine. Please live a very healthy, useful life, so that your grandmother can pass away peacefully. I believe Tuan will be able to do it.

Waiting for summer vacation, I will visit you with my parents. Hopefully by that time, I will be able to see a healthy and radiant Minh Tuan like the old days.

Do your best!

Tuan’s best friend


Bui Hai An

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